Destination Italia launches ITALY MASTERPLACE


Destination Italia announces the launch of “ITALY MASTERPLACE,” the first national competitive format of tourist destinations. The project is highly strategic for Italy as it allows the creation of the supporting pillars for the future tourism development of an area, giving the opportunity for start-up and/or maturing destinations or even those already known, to better develop their unexpressed potential. It is a mode of growth for the community capable of generating a long-term employment inducement, an opportunity for high international visibility for the territory and its governance bodies as well as for the enhancement of local real estate assets with particular reference to those in historic centers. Finally, it is an opportunity for local people to follow a path of openness to new cultures and new vocational skills that increase skill levels and sociability.

Massimiliano Cossu, CEO of Destination Italia Corporation: “Italy MasterPlace is an opportunity to create, scale and promote new tourism destinations in one of the most visited countries in the world, through a profitable competition between destinations. It is a process that originates in the territories with the fundamental help of our Local Experts, and that starts with the identification of thematic and vocational guidelines which are then declined in a digitization activity that has as its output the creation of usable and marketable products. The work will be completed and enhanced by creating direct access to Destination Italia’s distribution channels through the launch (GO TO MARKET) in an international showcase such as New York. It is one of the very few cases in which work of this kind is set up in a way that generates turnover and potential employment in the long term. It therefore breaks out of academic schemes as ends in themselves. Italy MasterPlace further strengthens the growth of the Destination Local Expert network, now present in 13 Italian regions, and enriches our digital platform with experiential content, in line with the development of the Business model supported by the Capital Raise actions now almost completed. “

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