We develop smart technology for the tourism market.

The Group’s proprietary technology focuses everything on intelligence, automation, control and human touch. To orchestrate the great complexity of matching tourism supply and demand, we invest in the development of technologies that can learn, find efficient solutions, propose the best alternatives, and enhance the indispensable human touch of travel designers.

In recent years we have accelerated development activities on technologies such as:

  • XML and machine-to-machine reservations
  • Parse-to-Book, capable of interpreting e-mail reservation requests
  • Business Intelligence to have minute control of the supply chain and economic aspects.

Hubcore: between online booking and artificial intelligence.

The acquisition of Portale Sardegna in 2023 brought within the Group. Hubcore, the all-in-one booking platform, the CRM and Marketing Automation competence center, and a highly experienced development team that, together with the Rome technology hub, is tasked with developing applications based on theArtificial intelligence for the B2B and B2C tourism market.


Integration with new service providers to support the growth of machine-to-machine reservations

Artificial intelligence

Development of chatbot with ChatGPT for customer service and development of additional functionality for interpreting email reservations

Hubcore Integration

Launch of integration with Hubcore, Portale Sardegna's all-inclusive booking platform

Marketing automation

Systematic marketing automation activities to encourage cross-selling and new customer acquisition

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