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At Destination Italia Group we know that there is nothing like Italian hospitality: that is why we never tire of welcoming new people and enhancing their talents. Each person is unique and irreplaceable, and it is only through collaboration that new points of view and new possibilities can arise.

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Our team


Dina Ravera


Giulio Valiante

Independent Administrator

Andrea Macchione


Federica Conticiani


Massimiliano Cossu

Finance Director

Daniele Simonetti

Brand Manager

Ignatius Ciraulo

Head Of Product

Rita Baccarelli

Chief Commercial Officer

Alessia Santamaria

Booking Dept. - Head of Booking

Giorgio Turriziani Colonna

Head Of Booking

Esther Nicòtina

Western Europe, Asia & Oceania - Sales

David Mazzocchi

USA & Canada - Sales

Marco Seghetti

South America & Spain - Sales

Federica Sorrentino

Eastern Europe Sales

Natia Kasradze

Executive Director Of Sales, International Sales, North America Sales Including Mexico & Latin America.

Salvatore Galati

IT Dept. - Business Analyst

Andrea Carnevali

Contracting Dept. - Contractor

Simone Pasquazi

Contracting Dept. - Contractor

Virginie Sarti

Contracting Dept. - Contractor.

Carla Maria Cremonti

Contracting Dept. - Contractor

Antonio Mariani

Contracting Dept. - Junior Contractor

Silvia Eusepi

Product Dept. - Supervisor

Alessandra Giardino

Product Dept. - Product Specialist

Valeria Marino

Travel Designer

Kristina Novikova

Travel Designer

Lena Petkovic

Travel Designer

Cleo Cirelli

Travel Designer

Andrea Di Sisto

Travel Designer

Sara Gisotti

Travel Designer

Anna Chervak

Booking Dept. - Customer Care

Isabella Savu

Booking Dept. - Customer Care

Greta Camata

Booking Dept. - Customer Care

Giorgia Segatori

Booking Dept. - Customer Care

Giancarlo Marchegiano

Booking Dept. - Travel Consultant

Chiara Di Maio


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