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Roots Tourism

Roots Tourism is about exploring the land of origin, discovering and learning about ties to one’s family and friends from the past, connecting with the most authentic culture and traditions of those lands. It is coming home and finding those you love, it is rediscovering yourself.

Destination Italia offers immersive Roots Tourism experiences throughout Destination Italia: from researching genealogical traces, visiting places of origin, exploring archives and historical documents, and participating in local events and celebrations.

By partnering with national Roots Tourism experts, institutions and local partners, we designed highly experiential travel products with a focus on introspective, emotional and identity essence.

Journey of discovery

Rooting’s journey will begin already in the country of residence with preparation and research, and will be fulfilled with discovery experiences in Italy, to continue after the trip with memory and, most importantly, new connections.

Destination Italia Group’s Roots Tourism offerings are on different levels of customization: from the journey of discovery of the home territory (territory rooting), to the 100% tailor-made journey with specialized services of genealogical research and contact with family and friends from the past (personal rooting).

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